Runway Documentation

Getting Started

Welcome to Runway

Runway is the industry's most modern embeddable widget to allow visitors to get instant quotes and book flights instantly. It's powered by the SimpleCharters platform.


  • Use Runway to boost visitor interaction on your website
  • Convert more visitors by providing instant gratification
  • Save on costs by directing inquiries to Runway
  • Track engagement and optimize page conversion rates


  • Fast airport autocomplete
  • Modern javascript loading
  • Ability to display Runway multiple times per page
  • Requires no dependencies
  • Easy install with minimal experience

Installing Runway

Runway is a modern javascript-powered embeddable widget that is entirely self contained. It requires no dependencies and minimal setup. Runway is designed from the ground up to be responsive, meaning your users will experience the best interface for the device they're using. Runway will not interfere with any elements, styles, or javascript running on your page.

Global Installation (Preferred)

This install allows you to use Runway system wide and is not limited to once per page. Add the following javascript dependency immediately before the closing body tag:

<script src="//"></script>

Add the following tag anywhere you'd like Runway to appear across your website:

<div class="sc-runway"></div>

Inline Installation

This basic install allows you to display Runway at a single place within the page. It's ideal for CMS websites where it may not be easy for you to make global customizations

<div class="sc-runway"></div>
<script src="//"></script>

Vertical Setup

By adding the sc-runway-vertical class to the container, you'll be given a vertical form, with each input spanning 100% of the parent element width. Perfect for blog sidebars or narrow containers.

<div class="sc-runway sc-runway-vertical"></div>


Runway requires a license to use, and will be issued on an invite-only basis. Runway can be used on one domain per license.